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Super Summer Lovers by kurishitoi
SM-WW in digital art
Super Friend With Benefits by sknng
Our Full Moon |DCU| by AmberKorpse
Anime Nose bleed - work in progress by sknng
Tattoo'd Wonder Woman by Nszerdy
SM-WW in traditional art
Fists of Truth by Fenixio-Del-Sol
Diana and Kal by smww4ever
Superman and Wonder Woman Autumn begins by LeesamarieCroal
DC sample page 1 by Cross4
Diana of Themyscira
Soulcalibur V Wonder Woman by Ms-Marvel-Avenger
Wonder Woman, Pegasus and Bubo by StevenEly
Wonder Woman by JacksDad
Wonder Woman by LineaCake
Kal-El of Krypton
Classic Superman by The-Mind-Controller
New 52 and Earth Zero Superman by WOLFBLADE111
Superman by PrestigeWW
Superman by PrestigeWW
SM and WW Progeny
Lara Prince Kent by WOLFBLADE111
Fast Asleep by sknng
The Last of The Kryptonians: Jon El by WOLFBLADE111
Lara by mike-loscalzo
SM-WW In a Crowd
Batman Day 2016 by vhyrel
Trinity - Draw the squad by anacweber
Justice League by devilhs
Young Justice Style Trinity-new52 by dark-BuB
SM-WW Justice League
Upon the Watchtower by MessyPandas
Lego Batman Superheroes 1001 Animations by SilverEagle91
Justice Leauge trio by rymslm
Justice League trading cards by Xermanico
SM-WW Mature Art
Wonder Woman (3) by elberty-oliviera

Mature Content

Wonder Woman and Gwen Stacy sketch cover commissio by mdavidct

Mature Content

Wonder Woman-Wraparound Cover(HQ-Scan) by Artfulcurves

Mature Content

Sexy edit of the super couple by MayanTimeGod
Super-Wonder Family
Bekka and Clark by sknng
WW Test Page 02 by VallyFran
Wonder Woman vs. Wonder Tot by EJMorges

Mature Content

Strength test by Zwatter3228
Super-Wonder Foes
36. Superman and Wonder Woman by BeeWinter55
Superdoomsday by alfret
Wendha36 ActionComic 49 Syaf by Arswend
One Punch Man vs. Superman by FXNart
Arts,crafts,action figures,photgraphs etc
They Don't Care About Us by smww4ever
Always Ready by smww4ever
Wonder Woman by Ivy95
Waiting for Superman by smww4ever
Manips, wallpapers, sigs, avatars of sm-ww
Forever  by smww4ever
#PERF by smww4ever
To The Moon and Back by TouchofMink2
SM-WW Homage_Pop Culture
Super Sonic and Wonder Woman Cosplays by Thretlvlmidnite
Got you! by vegetagirl9000
Mother's Day - Wonder Woman and A-Ko by Jose-Ramiro
Request for NaruxXxTard by BrightRedEyes
Fan Literature

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content

Mature Content



We are pleased to announce the winners for the SMWWSUMMERLOVE art contest. Let us say we were impressed by all the effort that went into them. But obviously the theme of Summer and Love were integral as well as how the idea were executed. These are the winners and thank you to the other artists who participated!



3rd. superman-wonderwoman.deviantar…

Hello, Everyone!

In collaboration with the HELLYEAHSUPERMANADNWONDER WOMAN  tumblr,  we are happy to announce a Superman/Wonder Woman Summer Love Art Contest.

Summer is just around the corner and it’s that time of year that’s associated with vacation, relaxation, sun, fun, sand, sea, blue skies, green fields, flowers, ice cream, picnics and so on.

Our contest wants  artists to imagine Superman and Wonder Woman in Summer time. eg  What would they do? Where would they go? What would they wear?


1. The art work can be done in any medium ( digital, traditional, manip, edit) but must be a new and original art work.

2. It must feature the pairing of Superman and Wonder Woman. They can be in uniform or civvies but the viewer needs to be able to identify that it is Superman and Wonder Woman aka Clark Kent and Princess Diana/Diana Prince. There can be other characters in the piece but the Power Couple needs to be the main focus.

3. The theme Summer Love is integral to the piece and must evoke that atmosphere.

4. We will accept some sensuality in the work but not porn or xxx rated art.

5. The contest starts today and the deadline ie the last day for submissions will be on 1st July, 2016. It is open to all artists ie anywhere in the world.

6. Artwork can be submitted to hellyeahsupermanandwonder woman blog or the Superman/ Wonder Woman deviant art group where a folder will be created for it.



7. The contest prize winner will be announced on the 6th July, 2016.

8. We will be using the hash tag #SMWWSUMMERLOVE

There will be 3 prizes: a 1st place and 2 runners up.

1st Prize: An original, signed art work  by comic book artist  Jack Herbert

Runners up Prizes: A Batman v Superman Trinity Poster or a Superman/Wonder Woman Variant Cover by Darwyn Cooke will be given to the artists judges deem runners up.
Prizes can be seen here. hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman…

Good luck!!!

Feel free to ask or note us should you have any queries.
So what did you all think?…

All I could think was Wonder Woman!!! :dance:

Oh and then the "I thought she was with you"...well of course. :nod:

But that last shot of the Trinity. :faint:

Oh yes, that big bad. Don't worry, he's in his erm, new born stage and will evolve to look like the behemoth we know and give them lots of trouble :fear:

It's finally happening. Our OTP will be sharing  scenes on the big screen!! :eager:
More Journal Entries


This group is dedicated to celebrating the Superman and Wonder Woman pairing. We see them as heroes who inspire the world and each other,kindred spirits, best friends, comrades in arms and lovers. It's a pairing that always had a sense of inevitability. If you are intrigued by this pairing or share a love for them as we do, visit

Superman Wonder Woman Fan Archive. www.supermanwonderwomanfanarch…

hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman…

supermanwonderwomanhellacre13blogspot supermanwonderwomanhellacre13.…


Superman Wonder Woman on Fan Fiction.Net…



This group is mainly to showcase Superman AND Wonder Woman as a couple. Just click on the appropriate folder and submit.

1. SM-WW Digital Art : any digital art that has the Superman and Wonder Woman pairing/theme.

2. SM-WW Traditional Art : art done in pens,pencils, inks, crayons, paint, charcoal etc with Superman and Wonder Woman pairing/theme.

3. Diana of Themyscira : art of Diana/Wonder Woman only.

4. Kal-El of Krypton : art of Kal/Clark/Superman only.

5. SM-WW Progeny: In DC comics these two have had children in future/alternate time-lines. It can be from the comics or the artist's own vision.

6. SM-WW In A Crowd :This is for art of Superman and Wonder Woman together with other people around them.

7. SM-WW Justice League : Art of them with the JL.

8. Manips, Wallpapers, Sigs, Avatars : Self explanatory.

9.SM-WW mature : Superman and Wonder Woman pairing art that has adult themes and would need mature veil. Any medium.

10. Arts, Crafts, Action figures, Photographs : Must have pairing theme.

11. SM-WW Homage-Pop Culture : This folder is for art of Superman and Wonder Woman homage via sitcoms,cartoons,books,real life etc

12. Fan Literature : For sm/ww stories, poems,etc.

13. Super-Wonder Family- art with them and the super-wonder family members.

14. Super-Wonder Foes.

Unless art work meet our group theme criteria as stipulated above, they will not be accepted.

Superman and Wonder Woman are the property of DC Comics









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