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With the Doomed Event wrapping up this month, share your thoughts on the past and current issues of Doomed as it heads for the Doomed 2 conclusion.

For August, the reading list includes

Superman/Wonder Woman Annual 1
Action Comics Annual 3
Action Comics 34
Superman/Wonder Woman 11
Supergirl 34
Superman: Doomed 2
Well, it seems Charles Soule and Tony Daniel are out and Peter Tomasi and Doug Mahnke are in.…

This is a surprise but it's the way the comic world goes at times. I would prefer Soule and Daniel stay at least two or three years but you can't always get what you want.

So DC has started a Superman event called Doomed. This is the new 52's version of Superman vs Doomsday and it runs mainly across Superman/Wonder Woman and Action Comics with some other tie ins. So far we have had Superman Doomed #1, Action Comics #31 and Superman/Wonder Woman #8 the first three chaps selling out and getting a second printing.

The story is solid and Wonder Woman has had an excellent showing so far. We urge people to jump on board because it's a whole new take and not a rehash of the Death of Superman story. It's really challenging Superman in every way on an epic scale.

Here is a link to the reading list for Doomed.…

If you are a SM/WW fan and don't want to follow other titles, then you are still fine just buying SM/WW books, the SM/WW Annual and Doomed #2 to get the full effect of the story.

If you have bought the first 3 chaps, tell us what you think so far.
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This group is dedicated to celebrating the Superman and Wonder Woman pairing. We see them as heroes who inspire the world and each other,kindred spirits, best friends, comrades in arms and lovers. It's a pairing that always had a sense of inevitability. If you are intrigued by this pairing or share a love for them as we do, visit

Superman Wonder Woman Fan Archive. www.supermanwonderwomanfanarch…

hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman hellyeahsupermanandwonderwoman…

supermanwonderwomanhellacre13blogspot supermanwonderwomanhellacre13.…


Superman Wonder Woman on Fan Fiction.Net…



This group is mainly to showcase Superman AND Wonder Woman as a couple. Just click on the appropriate folder and submit.

1. SM-WW Digital Art : any digital art that has the Superman and Wonder Woman pairing/theme.

2. SM-WW Traditional Art : art done in pens,pencils, inks, crayons, paint, charcoal etc with Superman and Wonder Woman pairing/theme.

3. Diana of Themyscira : art of Diana/Wonder Woman only.

4. Kal-El of Krypton : art of Kal/Clark/Superman only.

5. SM-WW Progeny: In DC comics these two have had children in future/alternate time-lines. It can be from the comics or the artist's own vision.

6. SM-WW In A Crowd :This is for art of Superman and Wonder Woman together with other people around them.

7. SM-WW Justice League : Art of them with the JL.

8. Manips, Wallpapers, Sigs, Avatars : Self explanatory.

9.SM-WW mature : Superman and Wonder Woman pairing art that has adult themes and would need mature veil. Any medium.

10. Arts, Crafts, Action figures, Photographs : Must have pairing theme.

11. SM-WW Homage-Pop Culture : This folder is for art of Superman and Wonder Woman homage via sitcoms,cartoons,books,real life etc

12. Fan Literature : For sm/ww stories, poems,etc.

13. Super-Wonder Family- art with them and the super-wonder family members.

14. Super-Wonder Foes.

Unless art work meet our group theme criteria as stipulated above, they will not be accepted.

Superman and Wonder Woman are the property of DC Comics









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Will Superman Face His Ultimate Doom In Batman Vs Superman?

Will the great "Kal-El" aka Superman: The Man of Steel actually die onscreen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? That's "THE" big question being asked today as sources have seen the new designs for the megavillian, DC Comics character ( see article ) that will be used in the movie. Keep in mind that this is not confirmed, so treat it as such. As many hardcore comic book fans know, the mighty creature . . .

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